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Professional Education, LLC
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by John Kane on Professional Education, LLC

I work in Podiatry at the Hampton Virginia VA Medical Center running RN-triage - this training has further educated me to provide evidenced-based care and has shorn up my knowledge.

I am going to go to school for FNP/DNP and plan to work as a full time volunteer in an under-served area. Having a skills in foot care, treatments will be invaluable.

John, your patients will be so lucky to have you with your extensive knowledge base!

by Judith Morey on Professional Education, LLC

Having been a reflexologists and holistic nurse for many years, I have continually witness the "whole body" problems and discomfort issues originating with painful feet. I am looking forward to expanding my practice into providing better foot care and education. I like the information covered and it was well organized.

Thank you, Judith--we're so glad to see another "whole body" practitioner consider the feet!

by Susan C. Weaver on Professional Education, LLC

This was an excellent refresher for this nurse of 43 years. I also learned several new things and am anxious to use my new knowledge!

Susan, we're always so grateful for vets who keep learning! Glad we were able to facilitate that for you.

by Maggie McNair on Professional Education, LLC

I had to request an extension due to needing more time to get through the material... Im so grateful I was able to do so without an issue.

We are happy to grant time extensions when requested.

by Kim Warsheski on Professional Education, LLC

As a bedside nurse I can bring knowledge of this course to my practice with foot exams and nail care as better prevention, especially when working in a LTC setting. When working as a CFCN RN in a podiatrist clinic I will be doing routine diabetic foot care and will also be using the information provided in this course.

Kim, better prevention is our main goal. So glad to know you're serving your community with this knowledge!

by Anna Richards, RN on Professional Education, LLC

I have enjoyed your program very much.
And I just want to express my deep appreciation for your thoughtful follow-ups with me in completing this program. It truly meant a lot to me.

Anna, it was a pleasure working with you on your journey to becoming a certified foot care specialist. Best wishes!

by Sister Rebecca Crandall on Professional Education, LLC

I currently do home care and work in a doctor's office as well as infirminarian to a convent of 60 sisters. I am much better equipped to educate, spot problems and refer patients for foot care. Also the techniques for assuring medication compliance were extremely relevant and helpful.

We wish you and your Sisters all the best! They're very lucky to have you!

by Kim I. Barber on Professional Education, LLC

After certification I will be working in an orthopedic setting providing foot care and also as a volunteer in my community. I found the program very beneficial.

Thank you for your comment - we are very gratified to know about your volunteer work and wish you great success in your community.

by Rebecca Haugaard on Professional Education, LLC

This course did have wonderful information, but not knowing what the certification exam will be like, I want to study before testing. I wish the time allowed was longer.

Rebecca, thank you for your input. We do state that anyone needing additional time to access the materials need only ask. We have not put a limit as to how far into the future we would honor a request.

by Fariba Brady FNP(c), CWOCN, CFCN, BSN on Professional Education, LLC
Best Customer Service

I looked for this information on nursing foot care for a long time. There are not any providers which are current or have their listings working. I found this company and have been very impressed with their customer service. They have communicated with me beautifully and answered all my questions. Their work in creating continuing education courses for nurses is phenomenal!

Thank you, Fariba! It was a pleasure to work with you toward obtaining your CFCN certification. We wish you the very best as your pursue this important work with the chronically ill.

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