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Are You Salary Capped?

Many times, nurses are salary capped at their level and the only way to increase their pay is to pick up a new specialty. Prof-Ed offers unique specialty training towards certification in routine foot care.  There’s a growing demand for nurses (and all health care providers, in fact!) who can give foot care. Why? Because […]

Foot Care for Baby Boomers

Professional Education, LLC, announces a new online offering: Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses After specialized foot care training, nurses can set up boutique practices to tend to the growing demographic of elderly and chronically ill patients who need safe, healthy foot care. The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced in April, 2018, in […]

Prof-Ed Privacy Measures Have Been Updated

Professional Education Privacy Policy Professional Education cares about the privacy and security of all the users of the website. The website itself is hosted on robustly-protected, secured servers owned by web design and development guru, Claudio Barbieri, Page1 Ranking of Cape Coral, Florida. Co-Founder Karen Hodges shares “Over the last few weeks, Claudio has been […]

Nurses–Make Your Hands Happy!

DRY, CRACKED HANDS – A NURSE’S TRIBULATIONS The primary cause for deeply dehydrated hands comes from washing and the immediate application of alcohol-based sanitizers. This is part of the job, BUT you can take steps to help alleviate the worst conditions. ON THE JOB While some facilities/practices prohibit the application of emollients (lotions or creams) on […]

FCNs Must Test for PAD

Foot-care-trained nurses are quick to spot troubling symptoms in their patients’ lower limbs and feet Peripheral artery disease (PAD), sometimes called Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), is a disease in which plaque may build up in the arteries outside the heart that carry blood to the head, organs, and limbs. This plaque is made up of […]

New Course: Foot Care with Electric Files

Nurses who provide foot care for their patients need electric filing skills. Tending to your patients requires manual dexterity–and a smart nurse will use all the tools available. Hand-held rotary devices (aka electric files or e-files) are just one of those tools…but they have many benefits. Benefits of Electric Files First and most logically, perhaps, […]

What do Chronic Illnesses Mean for Your Patients’?

How do these chronic illnesses affect the feet and lower legs of your patients? The CDC, World Health Organization and countless others exert a lot of effort estimating the impact of chronic illnesses on today’s world population.  How do these issues affect you and your patients? One direct impact is the care of their feet. […]