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This course is 10-modules of training which will give you the knowledge you need to confidently perform foot care and interventions for your patients with chronic illnesses. 90-Day access to the course – Completion grants 12 Contact Hours (California-check your state for reciprocity.)

RN Foot Care Course


This 10-module course will give you the knowledge and training you need to provide foot targeted assessments, treatments and interventions for your at-risk patients  with chronic illnesses. 90-Day access – Completion grants 24 Contact Hours (California-check your state for reciprocity.)


This one-module course guides you through obtaining and completing a 40-hour Proctored Internship performing hands-on foot care treatments under supervision. 90-Day access – Completion grants 40 Clinical Hours. (California-check your state for reciprocity.)


Career Advancement

The need for foot-care trained nurses is growing…and will only continue to do so. We have an increasing population of older Americans, and many more of them have one or more chronic illnesses that put them at risk in their foot care. Have you wondered if there wasn’t some way you could get the concentrated training you need for helping your patients with their foot care…all in one place?

Professional Education is the place! We have put together the foot-specific training you need. Use this course to advance your career with specialty certifications.

CFCN® Certification

The WOCNCB Certification program to become a Certified Foot Care Nurse (CFCN®) requires 24 contact hours in education as well as 40 clinical hours in order to sit for the exam. Our two programs, Best Practices in Foot Care for RNs and the Foot Care Internship Program will fulfill these requirements, as well as providing you with an excellent foundation in foot care training.

The CFCN® is a prestigious accomplishment which will grant you a much-needed specialty to advance your career.  The program is administered solely by the Wound Ostemy and Continence Nursing Certification Board (WOCNCB). Please see full details on obtaining this certification at their website.

Continuing Education

  • Clinical Practices in Foot Care for LPN/LVNs – Certificate of Completion for 12 Contact Hours (Calif.)
  • Best Practices in Foot Care for RNs – Certificate of Completion for 24 Contact Hours (Calif.)
  • Foot Care Internship Program – Certificate of Completion satisfies 40 Clinical Contact Hours in Foot Care (Calif.)

Meeting a Great Need

The number of Americans with diabetes and other chronic illnesses such as PAD is rapidly growing — according to CDC estimates in the year 2050 as many as 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes unless we make strong lifestyle changes. In addition to this, we have an increasing population of elderly…and they are living longer. This means the foot-care trained nurse will be able to serve a growing number of people who will urgently need these skills.